After a year or so of inactivity, The Y.A.O.I. Union is back, baby! And better than ever!
We've done a full site migration after our old host,, abruptly terminated our site without notice... so, now, we're here to stay. :)

What exactly is The Y.A.O.I. Union?

The Y.A.O.I. Union is basically a "club" my friends and I created when we were about 13 years old. All of us used to be WAYYY more into anime and yaoi at the time, so that also fueled to the creation of this group. It wasn't really all that exclusive, either. Anyone who wanted to join, could. And it still works that way! Just hit us up via e-mail!

What does the Y.A.O.I. acronym mean anyway? And why an acronym?
It stands for Young Anime Obsessed Idiots! We choose an acronym for the club name because we wanted to use it as a codename... y'know, for all the unsuspecting people out there who didn't know what yaoi actually was, we didn't have to explain!

Who's running this site?
This site is currently being run by, me, the web designer and admin of pretty much everything on this site. You can find me on the members page as well as the co-admin on this site who helps me out from time to time!

More info to come soon!