Since we're still setting up our website, our members page is gonna look a little... empty. Just for now, of course.
However, you can still submit member sign-up forms if you want to be part of The Y.A.O.I. Union!
Just follow the instructions below!


All submit forms will be accepted through The Y.A.O.I. Union e-mail only!

When submitting, you must provide your name or alias (whichever you prefer), a 80 x 80 pixel image that you would like to use to represent you on our members page, birthday (month and day required, year is optional), information about you, and why you want to join!

Example Form

SUBJECT: Y.A.O.I. Member Submit Form
Name: your name here
Birthday: month day, year (year not required)
About Me: write about some stuff you like, ex: movies, music, anime... and maybe stuff you don't like!
Why I Want To Join: enter your reason for joining! everyone is welcome!
A Square/80 x 80 Pixel Image: this is where you would add an attatchment. we only accept png, jpg, and gif image formats!

After you're done typing your entry, please forward the e-mail to and have the subject read "Y.A.O.I. Member Submit Form".
We'll do our best to add your information to our great members page as soon as possible!
(if you don't see your form posted up within a week, feel free to let us know through our neocities profile or e-mail.)